Child's Play - Childcare Web Application

Designed as an easy-to-use private e-portfolio for early childhood care "Child's Play Beta" improves teacher and family communication. It provides the ability to record, share and support children’s learning online. Available on Mobile, Android and IOS.

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Childs Play Welcome Screen

What it means for our children

  • Children thrive when their families are engaged in their learning.
  • Less admin means more face time between children and teachers.
  • They can share stories with family throughout the day.
  • They have an online record for the future.

What it means for early learning services

  • Teachers can record learning stories and the special moments in a child's day.
  • A secure and instant way of sharing between teachers and families.
  • Keep easily-searchable stories forever.
  • Print stories straight from this application for portfolios and daily record books.
  • It's so easy to use you can save time.
  • No installations – just sign up and start using it for free.
  • Help centre support.

What it means for parents and families

  • Keep children close, even when you're away from them.
  • Get notified as soon as a story, note or comment is added.(mobile app for Parents)
  • Write comments on your children's stories to support their learning.
  • Record your children's stories yourself.
  • Share stories with other family members in a safe secure online environment.
  • Free to access.

Enchanter Fishing Charters

The Enchanter is a high-end fishing charter service on the east coast of New Zealand, The Enchanter took advantage of our web development service and online booking system.

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Enchanter Review

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Good Honest Tattoos

Good Honest Tattoos is one of the most successful in the nation. They are a group of talented, young artists with an eye for perfection. We here at WonderSpark have taken their online presence into our hands, developing an intuitive website with flawless front end design and a new back-end to scale with the ever-growing traffic and popular demand for high-resolution images. Providing the artist with a login portal to manage their own profiles.

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Good Honest Tattoos Review

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Booked - Online Booking System

“Booked” is an online scheduling software system that handles all your booking needs. Whether it is for a fishing charter business, hotel accommodation and conference bookings or even purchasing tickets for tournaments or other events. Booked is a great way to attract new customers. It blending it seamlessly into your website with the customised features you want. Our unique integration with your website familiarise customers with the service we offer offering flexible and efficient facility to lock in that sale. Booked is now in beta, we are looking to trial this software with interested candidates.

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Beta Trial

Booked is now in beta, we are looking to trial this software with interested candidates. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our trial.