About Us


WonderSpark was established in 2012 by Nick Deane, Nat Booth and Jaco van der Merwe with the determination to become the leaders in software development.


Nick - Director of Sales

Nick is the driving force behind WonderSpark, his brainchild since first envisioned back in 2012. He has a passion for people and bringing their technical requirements through from idea to a final product that meets and exceeds their needs and expectations.

Nat - Technical Director/Hosting Manager

Nat is the Technical Director at WonderSpark, in charge of all major technical decisions, using his insight and experience to provide clients with the optimal solution to fit their needs. He is also the Hosting Manager and deals with all aspects of hosting to get your site online.

Jaco - Lead Developer

Jaco is the Lead Developer at WonderSpark, he is responsible for managing a dedicated team of developers and ensuring all software meets our high quality standards.


Terms of Service

Please see out Terms of Service here.